Years ago, I ditched New Year resolutions. The root word of resolution is resolve, which means to find a solution to a problem. I’m not a problem; you’re not a problem; we are NOT a problem. I started using crystals to support me in the coming New Year.
Using crystals to support your New Year focus will raise your vibration and give you the guidance you’ve needed! The New Year is an opportunity to reflect back on the previous year and then set intentions for the comign year.

I love to go into meditation around the new year and allow the messages of spirit to provide me with guidance my higher self needs. A few years back, I started being guided to an annual word. A focus word, a word allowing me to step back into my true authentic self and remind me of who I am and who I am becoming.

This word becomes a part of me throughout the year. I take the word and allow the universe to guide me to the perfect pair of crystals to provide support and guidance. My word and my crystals create the space for me to support my foundation as I raise my vibration allowing only amazing things to manifest!

Here are my top favorite crystals. There is at least one crystal in this list that will align with the vibration you want to create this year. Take time and find a crystal you feel drawn too and one that best aligns with your focus word and allow the crystal guidance to magically manifest. 

  • Amazonite; This stone gives you hope. It is a calming and soothing stone and allows you to find your true self, starting over and creating a new beginning. Affirmation; I am hopeful.
  • Amethyst; This stone gives you the space to find balance when you want to feel peaceful and relaxed. It helps to ease distractions as you stay focused. Affirmation; I am at peace.
  • Black Tourmaline; This stone is beautiful at releasing negative energy and protecting you. If you find yourself slipping into a negative thought pattern, pull this stone out. Affirmation; I am protected.
  • Chrysocolla; This stone is wonderful when needing a fresh start. It will help support your creativity energies by offering new ideas and a fresh perspective. Affirmation; I will start fresh today.
  • Citrine; This stone is focused on manifesting your dreams, prosperity and bringing happiness into your life. Happiness comes from within your soul. Affirmation; I am happy!
  • Clear Quartz; This stone is the magnifier of all stones. It provides clarity to your mind and raises your vibration. Affirmation; I am crystal clear.
  • Fluorite; This stone is beautiful at supporting you to expand your mind. It releases negative thoughts and increases concentration. This beautiful stone encourages you to dream big & believe in what the universe has to offer you! Affirmation; I am focused.
  • Hematite; This stone creates the space for you to become more grounded and focused. It grounds our mind, body, and spirit. Affirmation; I am grounded and anchored to Mother Earth.
  • Labradorite; This stone is all about releasing your self-limiting thoughts and embracing the nearly impossible and creating the space for you to get out of your way finding your true life’s purpose. Affirmation; I am limitless.
  • Malachite; This stone is the stone of transformation. It is here to guide you and shake off the fears keeping you from evolving. Affirmation; I am transforming.
  • Ocean Jasper; This stone supports the idea of you making time for yourself. It helps to increase positive feelings, live with happiness and becoming optimistic. Affirmation; I am a priority.
  • Pyrite; This stone helps you overcome financial hardships, encourages you to see your own worth, and helps attract wealth. Affirmation; I am a money magnet.
  • Red Jasper; This stone helps reduce your procrastination. It increases your motivation and points you in the direction of life’s successes. Affirmation; I am motivated.
  • Rose Quartz; This stone supports love and opening yourself up to love. It fills you with love, compassion, and warmth. It encourages you to love yourself first and then attract your love. Affirmation; I am loving myself.
  • Shungite; This stone supports detoxifying your mind and body. It helps protect you from all the EMF radiating in the world today. Affirmation; I am detoxifying my energy.
  • Smokey Quartz; This stone releases what no longer serves you. It releases fear, anger and helps you overcome negative emotions. Affirmation; I am letting go.
  • Sodalite; This stone supports the need for you to field your own voice. It encourages you to express your authentic self and communicate clearly. Affirmation; I speak my truth!

You’ve got a list above to help you pick 1- 3 crystals you feel connected to and align with the vibration of your FOCUS word for the year. You can place them on your nightstand, carry them with you but whatever you do make sure to acknowledge them as they are working for you in this New Year!

Learn how you can cleanse your crystals before working with them here.

Enjoy a New Moon & Full Moon ritual by adding your crystals to the next moon.

Crystal love to a happy and prosperous New Year!