Healing crystals and essential oils are becoming a way of life for many and are powerful tools that you should incorporate into your daily life. They allow for the positive manifestation of your hopes, dreams, and goals. By combining them, the beneficial properties of each are magnified.

If you are just starting out on your crystal or essential oil journey and are simply feeling overwhelmed at the amount of information out there, know that it’ll pass. The more that you work with each, the more comfortable you will feel using them. I’m sharing a few of my favorite combinations today in hopes that they will help guide you and led to you finding your own pairings.

Amethyst; Protection, balance, and help with confidence. Oil Pairing; Cypress, Frankincense, Sandalwood

Amazonite: Courage and truth, dispels worry, and fear. Oil Pairings: bergamot, orange

Aquamarine: Courage, calms the mind. Oil Pairings: chamomile, lavender

Blue Calcite: Restores balance, stone of trust and communication. Oil Pairings: lavender, geranium, frankincense, vetiver, basil

CitrineSuccess, abundance, creativity, power. Oil Pairings: sandalwood, frankincense, orange, patchouli

Chrysocolla: Teaching stone, encourages compassion, peace. Oil Pairings: lavender, tangerine, ylang ylang,

Clear Quartz: An ultimate healer, amplifies any intent it is programmed to. Oil Pairings: all essential oils

Labradorite: Inspiration and lets you see possibilities. Oil Pairings: peppermint, lemon.

Peridot: Manifest abundance in life. Oil Pairings: cinnamon, patchouli, jasmine

Pyrite: Protective and creates creativity. Oil Pairings: peppermint, frankincense, grapefruit

Rainbow Moonstone: A calming stone that promotes change. Oil Pairings: lavender, bergamot

Rose Quartz: The ultimate love stone. Oil Pairings: lavender, jasmine, rose,

Sunstone: Joyful stone, encourages self-compassion. Oil Pairings: orange, frankincense, myrrh

Tanzanite: Meditation creating a connection with the mind and heart. Oil Pairings: sandalwood, frankincense, chamomile.

Tourmaline: Promotes understanding of self and offers protection. Oil Pairings: orange, bergamot, myrrh.

Turquoise: Travelers protection stone. Oil Pairings: Palo Santo, rosemary, frankincense.

These are a few of my favorite crystal and oil pairings & why they are so powerful together.

– Amethyst and Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is one of the most used essential oils around the globe and for good reason! It’s calming properties pairs well with amethyst, a crystal known for its ability to purify the mind and help clear it of negativity and stress. Diffuse lavender essential oil in a room where you have amethyst placed about and you’ll find the calm necessary for open communication with your loved ones. The combination will allow your vibrations and energy to flow freely and ease anxiety.

– Rose Quartz and Rose Essential Oil: This combination is all about love. The energy of rose quartz is one of compassion and healing, after all, it is a stone of the heart. The intoxicating aroma of rose oil helps to boost confidence and drive away depression and anxiety. Dilute your rose oil with a bit of a carrier oil and place a drop or two on your pulse points before you start your day or before you meditate. Use this combination on those days when your self-esteem may be at its lowest.

– Frankincense and Hematite: Frankincense has been used for centuries by many ancient religions in their practices. Like lavender, frankincense helps to dispel negative feeling like stress and is generally used to purify a space. If you are feeling uneasy in your life, either physically or spiritually, try this pair. Diffusing frankincense during meditation is one of the best ways to receive the therapeutic benefits. Combining it with hematite, a crystal that helps to ground you, will neutralize any negative energy in your space.

Feel free to create your own pairing if you feel called to a particular crystal or a particular oil. You may find, once you do a little research, that you were drawn to certain properties for that crystal or oil. From carrying a small gem in your pocket anointed with an oil to having a larger piece sit on your desk at work and diffusing, there is no wrong or right way to work with these materials. I’d love for you to share your crystal and essential oil pairing in our amazing ✨Be the Light✨ Facebook group.

Over the years I have tried and tested many different essential oil brands. My top favorite is Artisan and Revive.

Please note; not all essential oils are intended for the same use. There are specific indications for each oil and we recommend you follow those guidelines. Crystals and essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend you consult your physician before making in chances to your current lifestyle.