Clearing negative energy to improve the overall flow of positive energy can be easily achieved through several different space clearing rituals. Have you ever walked into a room and just felt smothered? Like something distinctly heavy was lingering in the air. Just like the push and pull of the energy we see in nature every day, like the ocean tides, or a river current – when energy gets stuck it can become stagnant and polluted. Taking time to clear negative energy opens up the pathways for positive energy to once again easily flow through your space.

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How do I clear the negative energy in my space?

Our environment consists of energetic realms, and it’s important to take time to do a little housekeeping from time to time. With so many resources available on how to clear negative energy from your space, we’ve gathered up some of our favorites for you to review. The process behind each ritual can be simple, or they can be a bit more involved – it is up to you to determine what space clearing ritual works best for you.

Clearing negative energy with crystals

Crystals are an easy way to get specific around what energies you want to clear, as well as what you want to bring in. Choosing the right crystals to cleanse your space is often as simple as letting your intuition guide you to the one you need, but feel free to do some research and find out which ones will help in your space. Placing them around the room will raise that vibe! Some common crystals for clearing negative energy include onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, smoky quartz, and tiger’s eye.

Clearing negative energy with sage or palo santo

Smudging is a popular way of clearing negative energy that also has many variations. Smoke has long been a way to call in spirits and clear the energetic space – traditionally used by indigenous cultures going back thousands of years. Not only is the process energetic, but there has also been scientific studies that prove smudging removes a significant amount of bacteria in the air!

To use sage or palo santo, simply burn the end of whichever you choose until smoke is created, and then walk around your space (traditionally in a counter-clockwise pattern), and visualize the smoke taking with it the negative energies in the room. Make sure you use a heat-safe item to keep the burning end on – abalone shell is a beautiful option and is used most often. And a side note: please make sure that you are purchasing your smudging tools from a reputable source that uses sustainable gathering processes, as most ceremonial sages and holy woods are becoming endangered due to overuse.

Clearing negative energy with sound

Sound is an often-overlooked method, but it is a very potent and ancient clearing tool. Common options include bells, singing bowls, drums, chanting even simple clapping. Outside of using your own hands (clapping), the tools are relatively easy to obtain if you have a local new age store, or are available in abundance online. If you do not have or want to get any specific tools for sound clearing, clapping is simple and efficient. To use clapping, simply walk around the space in a counterclockwise pattern (similar to the sage/palo santo ritual) clapping and visualizing the negative energies leaving.

Clearing negative energy with essential oils

Essential oils are perhaps the most commonly used tool in the current day for clearing negative energy. They can be used alone or as a complementary element to a sacred space. Diffusers are the easiest and most efficient way to get them moving. Simply add a few drops of your favorite oil to some water in a diffuser, and turn it on. Other options include anointing crystals or other items in your space. Please be careful with using certain oils in places accessible to children and pets, as well as using them directly on surfaces of items. Some oils are not skin safe, and others may damage physical items if applied incorrectly. Some common oils used to clear spaces include lemon, frankincense, lavender, sage, peppermint, cypress, juniper, and rosemary.

Clearing negative energy in your space does not need to be a complicated, multi-step ritual. As noted above, it could be as simple as walking around your room clapping or turning on a diffuser with your favorite oils. Positive energy also thrives in clean and uncluttered spaces, so a quick once over on your counters and a trip to your local thrift store with those long-forgotten skirts you’ve been holding onto can do wonders with the energy in your space.

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xo, Jenny