The Autumn Equinox is right around the corner. This is a beautiful time of the year to honor all the work you’ve been doing over the last six months (spring equinox) and plant seeds for the coming season. 

The word “Equinox” comes from the Latin meaning “equal night”. Typically the autumn equinox falls between September 20-23 in the Northern hemisphere and March 20-23 in the Southern hemisphere. During this time, there is roughly an equal amount of daylight and darkness, 12 hours each. 

This time of the year is about balance. No matter where you might be in the world, when we arrive at an equinox it’s all about balance and harmony because we are receiving equal amounts of sun and moon energy. 

Here are three ways you can honor and celebrate the Autumn Equinox.

Create an Autumn Equinox Altar.

This is a beautiful time to honor the season and create an autumn equinox altar. When creating an altar, you’ll want to be intentional. I enjoy finding things in nature that offer the energy of this season. You may find harvest colors such as orange, rust, gold, reds, and browns speak to you. 

Here are a few other ideas to spark your altar creation:

  • Candles or pictures that remind you of fall
  • Statues of gods or goddesses that are connected to this season 
  • Symbols of the harvest season
  • Items connected to you in which you feel an immense amount of gratitude

Hold an Autumn Equinox Gratitude Ritual.

This is a beautiful time to give thanks to the abundance of Mother Earth and the good things that have happened in our lives throughout the year. I always love doing this practice while outside playing music in the background. The main thing you want to focus on is writing down everything you are grateful for – let the words flow and honor everything that comes to you. Once you have finished, you’ll want to read your list out loud so the Universe can hear it and then place it on your altar.

Create an Autumn Equinox Feast.

This time of year is a wonderful time to celebrate by gathering friends and family around food. Make a ritual out of this experience inviting others to bring dishes using the best ingredients of the season. Cooking and baking can be very meditivative and supportive to our heart and soul.  A few of my favorite foods to cook with during this time of the year are sweet potatoes, apples, brussel sprouts, cranberries, and beets. One of my favorite fall recipes to make is this beautiful side dish.

Keep In Mind.

As day and night come into balance during this time of the year, I offer you the blessing to honor all the work you’ve done through the spring and summer months. It’s now time to create the space to reset, relax and rest as we enter fall and winter approaches. 

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