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    Crystals and the June 2019 New Moon

    The June New Moon in Gemini is here which means it’s time to understand how to bring forth those intentions with your crystals and the June 2019 New Moon. The new moon is a great time to revisit old intentions…

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    Root Chakra and Healing

    Understand the powerful benefits of your root chakra and healing. Your root chakra is your base chakra, and it is our grounding connection to the Earth. It’s our foundational chakra and is associated with our needs for basic survival. Understanding…

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    Crystals and the May 2019 Full Moon

    The May Full Moon in Scorpio is full of big feelings and emotions – we’re sharing our suggestions for crystals and the May 2019 Full Moon. Full Moons are a time for us to reflect back upon our intentions we…

  • three crystals laying on a white table - Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, and Amazonite

    Crystals and the May 2019 New Moon

    It’s time to start setting intentions and manifesting what you want with your crystals and the May 2019 New Moon. May’s New Moon falls on the 4th, and is in the earthy, sensual sign of Taurus. Taurus also loves getting…

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    How to Easily Smudge Your Home

    Understanding how to easily smudge your home is a simple and fast way to cleanse the energy of your home or space. For centuries, smudging has been a practice used to spiritually cleanse or bless a home or space. With…