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    Crystal Guidance for the New Year

    Years ago, I ditched New Year resolutions – resolve means to find a solution to a problem. I’m not a problem; you’re not a problem; we are NOT a problem. I started using crystals to support me in the coming…

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    Capricorn New Moon with Crystal Guidance

    The New Moon of Capricorn takes place December 26, 2019. It’s the LAST New Moon of the year! The season of Capricorn helps us to get clear on our intentions and the self-confidence to accomplish any goal. This is the…

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    Gemini Full Moon with Crystal Guidance

    December’s Gemini Full Moon will take place on Wednesday, 12/11/19. Gemini belongs to the third house of communication and does this as a means to gather information. She does this without judgment; she is the patient observer of your own…

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    Sagittarius New Moon with Crystal Guidance

    This November 26, 2019, is the Sagittarius New Moon and with it brings adventure. During Scorpio season, we had to ask ourselves to dig deep and look within. Sagittarius is now asking us to widen our perspectives. This is the…