January New and Full Moon Crystal Guidance Jenny Shanks

January Moons + Crystal Guidance

We welcome January with open arms, a fresh start to a new year, and hopes for peace, health, and prosperity. We start this year off with a new moon in Capricorn on the 13th and then a full moon in Leo on the 28th. Taking the moons’ energy and the crystal guidance, you are bound […] Read more…

december crystal and moons

December Moons + Crystal Guidance

With December coming, winter is making its entrance in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time to go within, to look for depth, inspiration, and new things. This month we welcome two beautiful moons and a solar eclipse. Hello 2021! The December moons paired with crystal guidance will be exactly what you need to get you […] Read more…

holiday gift guide jenny shanks

Holiday Gift Guide

One // Gemstone Well. I’m a crystal lovin’ dog mama! When @GemstoneWell launched their pet water bowls I knew I needed not one but two! I’m all about crystal infused water and all the benefits, so why not share it with my dog! These things are amazing! And if you don’t have pets – I […] Read more…

Nov Moon and Crystals

November Moons + Crystal Guidance

November is upon us and this month we welcome two powerful moons. The new moon of November arrives on the 15th in the zodiac sign of Scorpio while the full moon of November will arrive on the 30th in the sign of Gemini. There’s always a heightened sense of energy around the full moon. It […] Read more…

october moons

October Moons + Crystal Guidance

October is here, fall is here and this month is a special one for the moons. This month we welcome three beautiful moons. The first full moon of October arrives on the 1st in the zodiac sign of Aries while the second full moon of October will arrive on Halloween in the sign of Taurus. […] Read more…

september moons

September Moons and Crystal Guidance

In the northern hemisphere as we enter September, we enter the months of fall. Leavings are changing into these gorgeous colors, the mornings are a little colder, and this month we welcome two beautiful moons. Learn about the september moons and crystal guidance. September’s full moon arrives on the 2nd in the zodiac sign of […] Read more…

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