September New and Full Moon Crystal Guidance Jenny Shanks

September Moons + Crystal Guidance

We move from Virgo to Libra in September, moving through the energy of specificity and organization to one of balance and beauty. Now that we have finished setting up the framework and details of this next season, we can lean into trying something new and initiating change for the better, like Libra’s enjoy doing. The […] Read more…

August New and Full Moon Crystal Guidance Jenny Shanks

August Moons + Crystal Guidance

August begins in the Leo season, starting the month out with flamboyant fire energy. We are working through the first part of the month by harnessing all that is big, bright, and beautiful. Later in the month, we shift into Virgo where the organizational, earthy vibes abound. The New Moon on Sunday, August 8th will […] Read more…

July new and Full Moons Crystal Guidance Jenny Shanks

July Moons + Crystal Guidance

July is here and we welcome energetic, bright, and summery energy. Starting from Cancer and then moving into Leo, we will be moving from the watery to the fiery, from emotion to action. This shift is one that is highly vibrational, and its effects can be felt everywhere. The first New Moon finds us on […] Read more…

Mantra, Affirmations and Intentions Jenny Shanks

Mantra, Affirmations, Intentions. What’s the difference?

By now if you’ve been following me, you’ve heard me use the terms mantra, affirmation, and intention. Words are more than a symbol we use to communicate. Words are coded with an energetic frequency. This frequency aligns with our energy and our subconscious mind. These codes affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It […] Read more…

June New and Full Moon Crystal Guidance Jenny Shanks

June Moons + Crystal Guidance

Welcome to June, the beginning of summer, and to Gemini season. We are shedding the remainders of spring while soaking up the rays of sun and filling up to the brim for the overflowing summer season. The beginning of the month gives us a New Moon in mercurial Gemini. This moon works well with the […] Read more…

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