We welcome two beautiful moons this month. August’s full moon arrives on the 3rd in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. There’s always a heightened sense of energy around the full moon. It creates space for us to let our subconscious mind surface. We welcome the new moon of August on the 18th in the zodiac sign of Leo. The energy of the new moon is all about setting new intentions and opening doorways for new opportunities. Take the guidance for the energy of each moon and the crystal guidance and make the full moon and new moon a beautiful experience.

August’s Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

The full moon will allow you to build the energy and to finish the new intentions you set previously. We discover it often marks the end of a growth phase. The Aquarius Full Moon will allow us to work on our vibration by eliminating ourselves like fear, hate, guilt, and shame, all which lower our vibration. To raise our vibration, we should focus on love, gratitude, compassion, and contentment and learn that the vibration and energy you put out into the world are what you will attract. By focusing on the positive energies, you will stop absorbing the negative ones, allowing you to influence the vibrations around you.

Aquarius is the sign of progression and the collective. The tale of Aquarius, or the water bearer, reminds us we are all connected through our energy, frequency, and consciousness. As the water bearer, Aquarius would bring water to each village with tales and ideas from the previous village. This, in a way, connected the villages as they merged ideas and energies. Aquarius reminds us that we are all connected and what one person does will affect the rest of us. 

Aquarius, a water element, is perfect for the heady days we are currently having. Try to set time for yourself and embrace the water element during the full moon and take a swim, bath or even soaking your feet. Make sure your crystals aren’t water-soluble, they could be a great addition to a foot bath, along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and Epsom salt).

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

These crystals can be used during your full moon ritual practice and during the full moon phase as you practice meditation for the August moons.

august full moon crystals
Labradorite is on the left. Bottom right is Peacock ore, and top right/middle is Amethyst.

Labradorite is an amazing protection stone. It helps guide us to be open-minded and allow the space for creativity to flow.

Peacock Ore is the stone of happiness and promotes joy by dispelling any negative energy. This helps to shed lower frequencies making space for the higher ones to flourish.

Amethyst is the ultimate spiritual stone. It helps to encourage inner strength, encouraging spiritual growth and intuition. It helps you determine what changes to make as you move into this Full Moon.

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Aquarius Full Moon Affirmations

These suggested affirmations below are to support you during this full moon. The affirmations can be usedas a focus as you start your day, guidance during meditation, or support as you end your day. Amplify their support by pairing with one of your crystals.

  • I know how to set healthy boundaries within my life
  • I am always at peace
  • I am loved

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August’s New Moon + Crystal Guidance

The new moon is a great time to revisit old intentions and lay the foundation for new. We welcome the new moon on August 18th in the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo, who is ruled by the Sun and the center of the solar system, reminds us to just be grateful for life. No matter what happens in life, between the good and the bad, we should know that life is worth living. Leo reminds us to truly enjoy life and connect with things that bring us true joy and happiness.

The Season of Leo

The Season of Leo is a time of self-expression. It’s time to truly embrace your uniqueness and who you are and throw caution to the wind. Do what makes you happy without worrying about what others think or how they will view you. By living your authentic self, you will open up to many opportunities and showing up as yourself will attract your tribe. You’ll find those that believe in the same fundamental things you do and that’s where you’ll find true belonging. That’s where you’ll find those that encourage you to be yourself and shine. And that’s where you’ll find the power to change the world.

When we live our authentic life, we start to discover joy and happiness. As we connect with joy and happiness is what heals us. Let the Season of Leo heal you with uncontrollable laughter, simple gratitude, and losing yourself in a moment you forget time even exists. Truly celebrate your joy, happiness, gratitude, yourself, and your authenticity.

Leo’s element is fire and it is hard to escape fire and heat during the month of August. Sit around the fire can be incredibly calming, almost like a form of meditation, or light a candle and relax with a good book. This is a beautiful time to create a simple yet powerful self-care ritual. Our world has taught us to be going all the time – slow down and breathe. You have a beautiful life to live.

New Moon Crystal Guidance

These crystal suggestions below are for the new moon in August. These crystals can be used during your new moon ritual or any meditation practice.

august new moon crystals
Citrine is on the left. Bottom right is Carnelian. Top right/middle is pyrite.

Pyrite is linked to the third chakra, home to our willpower and identity. Pyrite encourages us to assert our energy into the world. Carry it with you to feel the power from within and help give you direction on where to lead yourself next.

Carnelian can rid other stones of their negative energies, along with ridding the body and spirit of sorrow and grief. Carnelian is good to have with you during periods of transition and it can help you to feel your inner child and give you powerful insights.

Citrine helps us manifest anything we desire, dispel negative energies, and never needs cleansing. It never takes on frequencies that aren’t a part of its essence. What a powerful reminder to always stay true to yourself. 

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Leo New Moon Affirmations

These affirmations will guide and support you during the phase of the new moon. You can use them to as a starting point when you wake up in the morning, during meditation, and support as you end your day. You can amplify your experience with these affirmations by pairing them with a crystal.

  • I recognize the joy within myself
  • I value the things that make me unique
  • I trust in the universe

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