This October 13, 2019, brings us the Full Moon of Aries and motivation. Aries gifts us extraordinary power. The power to begin and the power to continue. It’s easy to begin a journey. The hard part is to continue with the same gusto we started.

With the Full Moon, we have the energy to release blocks to clear the way for manifesting dreams. Aries reminds us that we are each here with a unique
mission. Sometimes it’s hard to see what that mission is. On this Full Moon, embrace the notion that you have your own, unique and important mission to help that mission become clearer.

Once you’ve accepted and understand your mission, you can begin to pursue it. Sometimes it will seem overwhelming, but just be sure to prepare and find the courage to begin. Release any blocks that are holding you back or weighing you down. Get rid of those inner demons. Don’t listen to those inner voices that try to talk you out of your purpose. Work with your blocks this Full Moon to take control.

Once you begin, you must then find the perseverance to continue. There will always be challenges and struggles, both outwardly and inward. Knowing how to handle these obstacles will ultimately be what helps you continue.

Aries Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with blocks and figuring out how to release them. It also brings calm into your world, which helps you deal with challenges better. On the day of the Full Moon, participate in some of these practices.

So Hum Meditation — 11 minutes

For this meditation, set a timer for 11 minutes. Close your eyes and begin concentrating on the breath entering and leaving your body. Keep your breath
natural. Just simply pay attention to it. Say to yourself, “So” on the inhale, “Hum” on the exhale. Do this the entire time. “So Hum” means “I am that”. This mantra will tap into your core and awaken the part of you that is connected to the universal energy. This is the piece of you that knows where you’ve been and knows where you’re going. Allow answers to flood in during and after this meditation.

Gathering Meditation

Just like a computer has programs running in the background constantly, all the while draining the battery, your mind does the same thing. It’s constantly
working in your subconscious, draining your battery. Use this meditation to help draw your energy back in to re-center.

As you sit with your eyes closed, start thinking about all the places your energy is scattered. It can be with people, work, or ideas. As you inhale, see and
feel your energy drawing back into your center. As you exhale, spread that energy throughout your entire being. Do this with every breath and continue
until you feel fully re-centered and ahold of your energy.

Aries Practices

The Aries Full Moon gives us the opportunity to align with our life’s purpose. Use this time to evaluate your personal mission and find purpose for your journey.

Finding your life’s purpose can seem overwhelming and everyone takes a different path in finding it. Enjoy the journey of all the paths leading you to your purpose.

Once you’ve found your purpose, it will become easier to focus your energy and live intentionally. You won’t find yourself losing focus as much and you’ll stay the course with ease.

How do you want to spend your time on this planet? That is the biggest question for you.

Full Moon Rituals

If you would like a FREE guided Full Moon Ritual, grab yours here.

For a more in-depth Full Moon ritual, grab it here.

Crystals for the Aries Full Moon

  • Carnelian. This is good for protection and new beginnings. Use this stone to give you courage as your search for your life’s purpose.
  • Pyrite. This brings persistence, motivation and willpower. Use this stone to stay focused on your life mission.
  • Bloodstone. This stone keeps goals stable so that the driving energy of Aries can work its purpose.