The New and Full Moons are always a wonderful time to sit with ourselves and allow the guidance of this radiant energy to be shared. With the way our world is currently shifting – welcoming a new and full moon is always an opportunity for freshness. Each moon allows us to release things, not serving our soul, and welcome new opportunities. April welcomes the full moon in Libra {an air element} on the 7th at 10:35 pm EST and the new moon in Taurus {an earth element} on the 22nd at 10:27 pm EST. Enjoy the guidance below to help guide you through the moon’s energy. 

april new and full moon rituals

April’s Full Moon in Libra + Crystal Guidance 

We welcome April’s Full Moon on April 7, 2020, and the season of Libra – an Air element. Air elements are elegant and courteous. You’ll find them wanting to make the world a better place – smart thinkers, love to analyze, and are excellent with communication.

The Libra energy is centered around being focused, creative, and in harmony. Libra’s are natural peacemakers, and always seeking to find imbalances because they love when their world in balanced. They often bring awareness to our hearts – love and balance – is what drives them. During this full moon, take time to focus on coming from a place of love and create balance in your life. 

The full moon marks the completion of the growth phase. Energy is heightened, and activity and emotions are intense. Take this time to create intentions which will only move you forward. 

Themes and an Affirmation for April’s Full Moon in Libra 

As you move through the full moon with meditations, intentions, and an affirmation. You might find yourself leaning into one of these themes. 

* Beginnings & starting fresh
* Connection with yourself and others
* Balanced energy
* Motivation
* Mindfulness

Affirmation — I will allow the guidance of balance into my life.

Crystal Suggestions for the Full Moon in Libra

  • Celestite – This stone is beautiful at creating the space for peace and harmony in all relationships. 
  • Rose Quartz – The stone of love. 
  • Amethyst – This stone is beautiful at supporting your intuition and creative thinking.

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April’s New Moon in Taurus + Crystal Guidance 

April’s New Moon arrives on April 22, 2020 and in the season of Taurus, which is an earth element. Earth elements focus on practical and reliability. They are solid and often grounded in their foundation. Taurus are known for their abundance, grounding energy, growth, and simplicity. 

This New Moon is an opportunity for you to call in your dreams and desires! New Moon’s symbolize a new beginning and gives you the time and space to set new goals and start new projects. Take time to reflect on previously set goals or unfinished projects and start “fresh” with this new moon. The beautiful thing is — we welcome a new moon every single month – and you have the opportunity to reset. 

Themes & an Affirmation for the April’s New Moon in Taurus 

As you move through the new moon with meditations, intentions, and an affirmation. You might find yourself leaning into one of these themes. 

  • Follow your hearts real desire
  • New foundations
  • “Spring cleaning” of your life
  • Grounding with mother earth
  • Moving forward
  • Gratitude 

Affirmation – I will create a foundation of love to move forward in my life.

April new moon crystals, rose quartz, tigers eyes, amazonite

Crystal Suggestions for the New Moon in Taurus 

  • Tiger’s Eye – this stone is great for grounding and help us as we plant the seeds and connect to our true self creating our foundation
  • Rose Quartz – helps to guide us to act in a state of love and compassion
  • Amazonite – helps us to speak what we feel through self-awareness and being true to ourselves and mindful of others.

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