Welcome to April, kicking off Spring with the recent equinox and a fiery burst of heat with Aries season. Like the seasonal movement, we have gone from watery Pisces in March, to smoldering Aries and then leveling out with a grounded Taurus season at the end of April. It would be smart to move with this flow as best we can, as we work through our emotions and bring our manifestations to fruition this April.

Speaking of manifestation, the New Moon near the beginning of the month will be a perfect time to get clear on those big, audacious goals we want to bring forward. Work away with that passion, and see what gets illuminated in the sultry Scorpio Full Moon on April 27th. This month is a ride, so buckle up!

April moons and crystal guidance

 April New Moon + Crystal Guidance


On April 12th, we have a New Moon in Aries. Aries is well known for its temper, passion, and outbursts – but what we don’t often see is the deep devotion that hides behind the explosive exterior. Oftentimes, Aries say what they say because they empathize, love, and care about the things they are so outwardly passionate about.

This New Moon, take stock of what types of things you are so passionate about that you would do anything for. Then, dig deep and uncover your reasons why. These are the things that we need to manifest and materialize in the everyday. Get clear on your deepest desires and work with the universe to guide them to you.

New Moon Crystal Guidance

new moon crystal guidance
Bloodstone (top), Red Garnet (right), Pyrite (bottom)


  • Red Garnet – Evokes passion, love, and commitment. It can control anger, and assists with gaining trust and honesty to deep relationships.
  • Pyrite – A stone of abundance. Harnesses creativity, as well as protection and forms a strong shield against negative vibrations.
  • Bloodstone – A transmuter, Bloodstone is used to transform negativity to neutrality and protect spaces. A stone of courage and healing.

Aries New Moon Affirmations

  • I am courageous and brave.
  • I call forth my deepest passions and follow them with devotion.
  • I am free to desire what I want without explanation.

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April Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

The big emotions don’t let up for the month of April, with the Full Moon for the month in the sign of Scorpio. While it is opposite the hot fire of Aries, it counters that with a well of passionate Scorpio style water energy. With the New Moon, we called on our passions to bring forward what we want to manifest with bravery and courage. Now with the Full Moon, we reflect in the pool on what has surfaced for us and what is okay to let fall away. Delve into your emotions and feel what is right for you.

Scorpio is prone to escapism, so we want to make sure to reflect on the path we are on and keep ourselves on track. We should keep the desire and zeal strong, but just make sure we don’t dive in too deep and forget to keep the forward momentum we have had so far this month.

full moon crystals
Bloodstone (top), Jet (right), Labradorite (bottom)


  • Labradorite – Guides you through transformations while providing strength and courage. It is a grounding stone, keeping us steady in times of turbulence while supporting us to take on our dreams.
  • Bloodstone – A transmuter, Bloodstone is used to transform negativity to neutrality and protect spaces. A stone of courage and healing.
  • Jet – Draws out negativity and creates a circle of protection. Jet can also bring prosperity and abundance through release and forgiveness.

Scorpio Full Moon Affirmations

  • I grant myself permission to feel.
  • I am thankful for my deepest wants and desires, and am not shy to claim them.
  • I allow myself to enjoy my desire and passion.
Moon rituals and crystal guidance

We hope that April doesn’t get you too riled up, and that you find your flow and uncover some real diamonds of truth that may have been hidden for too long. Remember, you are brave, courageous, and worthy of all of the abundance and joy you desire. You bring it to yourself every day, and will continue to do so in the months coming up.

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