I often get asked, what’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards. Or why do you work with Tarot — those are such dark cards. I’d first suggest have an open heart and an open mind. Both Tarot and Oracle cards (also known as Angel Cards) are very powerful cards, it’s all about how you use them as guidance in your own spiritual journey.

Working with any sort of tarot requires practice and understanding. Tarot is a very fixed system and while intuition plays a vital role with any set of cards. Tarot is based on a system of understanding.

So how do you know what sort of deck you should be working with?

My recommendation would be pick what feels good to you. By simply look at a deck of cards, you will feel connected or drawn to one more than another. That’s your answer (aka — your intuition guided you there).

I’d highly suggest starting with either Oracle or Tarot first, both not both. It’s not a common thing to mix the cards as you are starting out.

I heard someone sum up the difference between the Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards as Oracle cards are the main meal while Tarot cards are the ingredients. You wouldn’t want to have more than one main meal but you could have a bunch of ingredients mixed in. I think that’s great advice, especially if you are just starting out. You don’t want to mix up the message that you are receiving.

However if you are seasoned card reader, both decks are great at being used to gather insight, perspective, to help personal growth, for inspiration or for divination. There is no right or wrong deck to have –choosing your deck is just as personal as the readings you do.

Tarot decks are what most people know and see in popular culture – that collection of 78 decorated cards that can be purchased almost anywhere. Their structure is very similar to a deck of playing cards with various suits. Oracle decks on the other hand, typically contain quite a few less cards, yet the messages that the cards carry are still as powerful.

Typically tarot cards carry the same meaning from deck to deck while oracle cards have sort of free reign – there is no continuity between decks. Since there is no preset structure, oracle cards can range from having animals to angels to plants and everything in between. Oracle cards can give more of a greater sense of what is going on while tarot cards usually can give a more detailed look into something. Sometimes the oracle cards will have the meaning of the card printed on them, sometimes not.

I love working with Angel Cards decks because the messages are so uplifting.

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Here’s a few of my favorite decks!