We all know the holiday season can be so overwhelming for our energy — both mentally and physically. If you work in retail, your days typically become busier – and let’s face it, not all of those customers are exactly the most pleasant. You might have cookies that you need to bake, parties to attend, family get-togethers to plan. You might have to go out and buy presents for your loved ones or commit yourself to hours behind a hot stove preparing a delicious meal. It’s easy to let your self-care go by the wayside when you are so focused on others. But you must try to remember to take the time to ground yourself.  

Here are a few simple acts of self-care that can help refresh and recharge you during these busy times.

  • Take a bath. For a lot of people, the time they spend in the shower or in the bath might be their only opportunity for solace around the house. Whether you set aside 30 minutes to draw yourself a hot bath (complete with candles and a nice book) or just 10 minutes for a quick shower, use that time to relax your mind and body. Try not to think about everything that you have to do for that day but instead be present in the moment. Focus on how the water feels, how the warmth envelopes your body and relaxes you. I love using my baths & showers as a way to visually see the energy being washed away regrounding me! If you find yourself having the time to take a relaxing bath, toss a little Himalayan salt into your bath great for detoxing and grounding yourself. My favorite is this one!

  • Do something low-stress. One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to simply ride around and look at Christmas lights. If you know me — I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. There is something really magical about riding around and finding yourself surrounded by Christmas lights or elaborate displays of reindeer and trees. Find something to do with your family that is easy, cheap, or free. Something that you don’t really have to plan out. Another great example of a low-stress activity is to buy one of those  gingerbread house kits and let your family just go to town.
  • Pause and be grateful. The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy and gratitude. Try not to get swept up in the commercialism of the season and remember the blessings that you are already surrounded by. If it helps, try keeping a gratitude journal, where you simply list the things that you are grateful for on that day. It could be something simple as an act of kindness before performed or being grateful for the people in your life. A one minute gratitude journal is the perfect way to start.

While the Holidays can be fun, exciting and overwhelming, this year give yourself permission to enjoy the moments. Don’t focus on the would-haves, could haves. Focus on the moments that light you up inside, that make you laugh, that give you that sense of sheer happiness. Just remember, the holidays are about love, about family, about friends and about coming together and being grateful.

And should you find yourself in that moment of feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath.




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