We are all intuitive. It’s not a gift one has over another. These 11 tips to building your intuition will be your guide as you learn the relationship between your physical body and spiritual body. They work together and speak with each other allowing you to receive signs all day.

1. Meditation. Meditation allows our minds to calm and our heart space to open. A guided meditation is a beautiful way to start if you are new to meditating. It’s important to create a sacred space and not force meditation like it’s a chore. Find something that feels easy and natural is the best place to start. As your meditation practice evolves, you might find simply turning soft background music on and sitting with silence as you connect. Or maybe even sitting outside and allowing the music of nature to be your guide. Over time, a consistent mediation practice allows us to become more present and mindful. Being more present and mindful allows for you to see the signs being shared, and strengthen the trust with your intuition. Tip: If you find your mind wandering during meditation, bring it back to your breath and allow the flow of messages and inner wisdom to be shared. Enjoy this collection of guided meditations led by Jenny.

2. Free Write & Journal. Free Writing or using guided journal prompts is a beautiful way to connect with your intuition. Through a consistent practice, over time you’ll find a theme or patterns emerge. Writing also creates the space for you to release energy or “thoughts” that aren’t serving you, giving you the freedom to clear your mind. Through Love Warrior, I offer a monthly theme with a guided meditation, podcast-style conversation, and journal prompt to drop you into your heart center getting you outside of your mind thought.

3. Breathwork. The power of breathwork is truly amazing. Our breath is the life force within us. When integrating breathwork into our practice it will deeply connect you to go deep allowing the flow of energy to open and claim our monkey minds. As we claim our minds, we reopen our intuitive center.

4. Angel & Oracle Cards. Angel & Oracle cards are a beautiful way to build a relationship with your intuition. With an intention in place, you’ll pull a card or series of cards and begin to interpret them. Using the guidebook your card deck came with is supportive but trust your own intuition and follow the imagery on the cards. Here’s a great blog I shared recently about How to Predict your Months & Quarters.

5. Connect with Mother Earth. Being outdoors is one of the most healing practices we can offer ourselves. The cycle of life being in mother nature offers us creates the awareness that it’s okay to slow down. The longer we are outside the longer the healing energy lasts, supporting our overall energy system. Other ways you can work with the energy of outdoors: plant potted plants, bring home fresh flowers, and meditate with crystals. Check out this Instagram post Jenny shared about waking up with the sun. And if you are called to learn more about the root chakra, enjoy this blog.

6. Have fun. Heart chakra and the joy. Meditation doesn’t just have to be this visual of sitting cross-legged or laying down and being quiet. Rather, go have fun. Our intuition only brings through the highest light and love. If our heart chakra is blocked, the flow of love will become blocked. Go have fun! Do something that involves laughing and brings you joy. Joy and laughter hold the key to unlocking a blocked heart chakra. Once our heart space is flowing, our intuition strengthens. Read more about the heart chakra

7. Recognize the signs and symbols. We are consistently receiving signs and symbols. However, most of us are so busy in the human world, we miss them. Some of the signs will be symbolic and others might be literal. An example of a literal sign is seeing a series of numbers or repeating numbers. or someone saying something without prompting. Symbolic signs take a little more practice to understand. The meaning of symbolic signs is unique to you and will be your own reference point. Practicing this with learning angel & oracle cards is a great way to deepen this understanding.

8. Ground your energy – Root into your intuition. When it comes to our intuition, if our foundation (aka our root chakra) isn’t strong then the energy above will become foggy and blocked. This makes communication with our intuition difficult to understand and trust. When you find yourself grounded, you feel centered, supported, and focused. The image of a tree with strong roots appears. Whereas the opposite happens when you find yourself ungrounded. You may discover you feel drained, struggle to focus, dizzy, irritable, and even scattered. All of these are signs, you need to ground yourself. This beautiful The Stump meditation is a guided meditation offering the energy support of grounding.

9. Ask, listen, Interpret, and then with free will act on the guidance. One of the simplest ways to build a relationship with your intuition is slowing down enough to ask for guidance. Following that, don’t limit yourself by putting a timeline on that guidance. Here are my short and sweet steps to this practice.

  • Ask: Be clear with your question. Often asking open-ended questions works best. For example; “What do I need today?”
  • Listen: You’ll always receive an answer, even though it might not be immediately. Be open to all the signs and symbols.
  • Interpret: The guidance you receive may be symbolic or it may be literal. Sometimes you need to know the guidance now and sometimes it’s meant for later. Being able to interpret these messages takes time. Be open to receiving and understanding the messages without placing a timeline on them.
  • Act: Most messages are shared with time for you to process. Generally, messages will be guidance allowing you free will. You won’t often receive an “act now” message or not a do this or do that action unless you are in immediate danger. If you are taking action but still feel blocked or challenged, go back to a few of the other tips in this post to realign your energy.

10. Mind Thought vs. Divine Thought. Ever had a thought that leads to another, and another, and another. And next thing you know you’ve done down the rabbit hole of all these possibilities (and in theory none of them might come true). That’s a mind thought. Whereas, have you ever had a thought where you just knew and followed the guidance? That’s a divine thought. Trust that if you are chasing a thought, that is not your intuition. It’s your ego, fear, worry, etc. But if you have a thought and it feels good maybe for no reason at all, then trust that is a divine thought and that is your intuition.

11. Chakras: Clearing and Balancing. Your chakras especially your main chakras are the powerhouse of your spiritual body. Keeping them clear and balanced is the key to protecting your own energy. If you are continually channeling heavy energy, your own thoughts, the energy of others, negative thoughts, you will start to block and create an imbalance in these energy centers. There are many ways to work with your chakras, but simple techniques like chakra balancing meditations, yoga poses, singing bowls are just a few ways. Learn more about Root & Rise, and the Sound Bath & Reiki events she hosts. Both are amazing for clearing and balancing your chakras.

In Summary

All in all, building a relationship with your intuition to pretty simple. Learning to ground, trust, and listening are the keys to unlocking your intuition. Developing this relationship takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s important to honor each step of our journey. Remember each step is part of who you are and is something to cherish!

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